English Articles

List of English (and French) contributions to Sozialgeschichte.Online (with links to the pdf-files):


Johanna Neuhauser / Peter Birke, Migration and Work – Theoretical Perspectives under the Impression of Multiple Crises

Karmína, The Tragedy of the Ukrainian Working Class


John Holloway, A Cascade of Angers. My Covid 19 Fantasy


Freia Anders / Alexander Sedlmaier: Other claims and other cities: contested and shifting boundaries in informal housing and squatting

Sabrina Apicella, Rough Terrains: Wages as Mobilizing Factor in German and Italien Amazon Distribution Centers


Au Loong Yu, Continuous Rebellion in Hong Kong


Jon Lawrence, Workers’ testimony and the sociological reification of manual/non-manual distinctions in 1960s Britain


Ralf Ruckus, Chinese Capitalism in Crisis, Part 2: Li Minqi on the forthcoming collapse of China’s economy and the capitalist world system


Bert Altena, Anarchism as a Social Movement, 1870–1940

Ralf Ruckus, Chinese Capitalism in Crisis, Part 1: Zhang Lu on exploitation and workers’ struggle in China’s auto industry


Hannah Schling, Gender, Temporality, and the Reproduction of Labour Power Women Migrant Workers in South China


Peter Schöttler, Fernand Braudel, prisonnier en Allemagne : face à la
longue durée et au temps présent


Dirk Hoerder, Migration Research in Global Perspective: Recent Developments


Silvia Federici / Max Henninger, “We are witnessing the end of an era.” A conversation about pauperization and the Occupy movement in the USA

The Free Association, Let England Shake


Andy Durgan / Joel Sans, “No one represents us”: the 15 May Movement in the Spanish State


Wang Kan, Collective Awakening and Action of Chinese Workers: The 2010 Auto Workers’ Strike and its Effects

Emiliana Armano, Notes on Some Features of Knowledge Work:
A Social Inquiry Into Knowledge Workers in Turin

Manal Tibe, Notes on the Situation in Egypt Since Mubarak’s Resignation


Sarah Kiani, « La maison, l’occupation, c’est une situation que nous avons créée, un territoire que nous avons libéré… ». Quand le Mouvement de Libération des Femmes de Genève prend la forme d’un mouvement urbain

Raquel Varela, ‘Who is the Working Class?’ On Workers of the World by Marcel van der Linden

Ian Bekker / Lucien van der Walt, The 2010 Mass Strike in the State Sector, South Africa: Positive Achievements but Serious Problems


Silvia Federici, Women, Witch-Hunting and Enclosures in Africa Today

Peter Way, Hercules, the Hydra and Historians


Peter Birke / Max Henninger, Continuum of Struggle – Continuum of Defeat? Six Questions Concerning the Methodology of Peter Linebaugh’s and Marcus Rediker’s Study The Many-Headed Hydra


Dirk Hoerder, A Long-Term Perspective on Labour Migrations and Globalization: Migrant Agency, Socio-Economic Frameworks, Policy Implications

Loren Goldner, General Perspectives on the Capitalist Development State and Class Struggle in East Asia

Ariella Azoulay, Nous sommes tous des Palestiniens! Appel à tous ceux qui autrefois, en Afrique du Sud, n’eussent pas abandonné les Noirs dans leur lutte